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Design Engineering

Our company has extensive design and manufacturing experience. We partner with customers to design packaging for maximum protection of their products. Whatever your design or shipping need, we can engineer a solution.

On Demand Shipment

We have the ability to store an agreed upon amount of product and ship your desired amount within 24 hours of the request.


Standard Crates

Our standard wooden crate can be fabricated in any size and quantities. Standard materials are 3/4” plywood base, 3/8” plywood walls, and top with 1×4 cleats and 4×4 skids.

Custom Crates

Let us custom engineer a packaging solution for your product. We have designed and produced crates for customers in the glass, automotive, aviation, electronic, computer server, and pump industry for domestic and international shipments. Our experience in designing protective shipping media for non-standard items will help you and your shipper feel confident that your product will arrive safely.

Rack Crates

We have designed and shipped rack crates for computer server customers. These crates use shock absorption materials, metal ramps, and easy open/close mechanisms. Let us create a case to protect your sensitive electrical or medical equipment.


We can custom design pallets of any size with saddles, shock absorption, added weight support or custom blocking in order to accommodate your product. All our pallets are new, heat treated and our facility is in compliance with International Plant Protection Convention’s ISPM 15 standard.

Pallet Collars

Pallet Collars are an efficient way to transport bulky, loose, or compartmentalized products. Pallet Collars are reusable and fit common size pallets. Collars are stackable for use with items of varying height and are hinged for collapsible return shipping. Great tool for multi-product logistic companies.