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The Team.

Evans Woodward

CEO / Co-Founder

Dev Kharbanda

CFO / Co-Founder

Joshua White

Director of Operations

The Team.


J. Evans Woodward III, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Woodward Case, Inc.  Evans is the thought leader for the business, responsible for product design engineering, creative licensing, and product R&D, as well as creating and managing the implementation of all manufacturing protocols. He is also fluent in CAD, CAM and G-Code for CNC controlling automated machine tools. He has 30 years of experience in architectural design and engineering, defining construction best practices, and managing organizations responsible for packaging, logistics, industrial plastic and rubber production, wood materials sourcing, manufacturing, and furniture production. Contact Evans.

Dev Kharbanda is co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at Woodward Case, Inc.  Dev is responsible for the oversight of all financial and accounting operations for Woodward Case, and partners with the executive team to provide analytical and strategic guidance. Dev also manages the development of the back-end corporate infrastructure. He holds a dual degree in MBA (Finance) and MS (Accounting), and is a member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).  Contact Dev.

Joshua White is Director of Operations at Woodward Case, Inc.  In his role, he focuses on ensuring just-in-time delivery for custom shipment media and store fixtures.  He is responsible for ensuring structural integrity of custom designs and for adapting his designs into software programs for cut list generation and material planning.  Along with creating the designs, he oversees the company manufacturing team to ensure on-time delivery.     

Prior to taking over operations at Woodward Case, Joshua was responsible for the scoping and oversight of large scale residential and commercial construction projects covering a five (5) state territory.  He provided services ranging from defining design and structural specifications, determining timelines and profitability/expense ratios, outlining required resources, and managing assignments and productivity for 50-70 skilled and unskilled workers.   In addition to ensuring timely execution of the project plans, identifying and initiating adaptations for weather and miscellaneous delays to maintain work progress, and supervising the operation and plan, he was also responsible for ensuring a safety focus for the entire work team.  Similarly, the methods he put in place ensured that all construction was in compliance with safety code and OSHA standards, with goal of 100% first visit inspection pass rate. Contact Josh.

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